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The Italian Incident

A few years ago I wiped out in a big way towards the first week of a 2 week holiday in Livigno, Italy.

Having managed to drag my self to the chairlift and get back up the mountain, I realised that perhaps I had done a bit more damage than I initially thought. I got back down to the hotel without further incident, although my leg was killing me by then, and I knew that I’d be spending the second week of my holiday sitting in the sun reading.

As it turned out, once my ski boots came off, there was no way that my right hand one was going to fit back on again. Thank fully nothing was broken (at least I don’t think so..) but that ankle still gives me slight problems every now and again.

The second week was the best weeks skiing that I’ve never had! Glorious sunshine and perfect snow!

As usual my pre-season training before the holiday consisted of stomping around the house for a few days in ski-boots – hardly adequate preparation for someone with a relatively sedentary occupation.

I’m pretty certain that if I’d bothered to get a little more fit before the holiday, the accident never would have happened and I’d had had the best skiing of that year – and not had to take such a ribbing from my mates who’d had such an excellent time while I was stuck on the hotel balcony.

I’m now convinced that pre-season training is a must, and parts of this site are aimed at suggestions and links to some of the best ski training available today.

Please feel free to comment on anything you see anywhere on this site – you may just about save someone’s holiday this season!