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New Snow in Northern Europe

Following fresh snow in Norway and Sweden, spring skiing is at it’s best in Northern Europe at the moment.

Although this is officially the last week of the season, the recent snow fall of up to 70cm has meant that 18 resorts in Sweden are still open.

The worlds largest downhill competition takes place in Are this weekend (on April 24th) with the 3.5km course expected to see skiers of all abilities hoping to win the Audi A3 convertible prize.

Still Snowing In Scandinavia

In Scandinavia it seems there’s nothing holding back the snow right now. It continues to accumulate from last week causing problems for traffic and transport like buses and railways and leading to some roof collapses in the south of Sweden while at the same time adding to the great snow depths at ski resorts across the whole country.

This means there are really great conditions from the north to south of the region, right in time for the second week of Sweden’s current winter holiday period.

During the last week ski resorts further up north have had some serious amounts of snow fall as well. The small resort of Nalovardo got the most with 33cm (13 inches) followed by Branäs 27cm (11 inches), Tandådalen 17cm (7 inches) and Åre 10cm (4 inches). The forecast for the rest of the week looks really promising, especially in the north. Riksgränsen, which recently re-opened for its 2010 ski season through to June up in the Arctic Circle is expecting massive snow falls starting on Thursday.

In Scotland the weather service recently confirmed it has been the coldest winter since 1962-3, nearly 50 years ago.  Still more heavy snow has left all five centres fully open, with Cairngorm needing to blast terrain above the ski area for the first time to minimise avalanche danger.

By Sally Brookes
Published: 02.03.10

Courtesy of skiinfo.co.uk

Riksgransen Re-opens for 2010 Season This weekend

Riksgränsen, the worlds northern most ski resort known for its midnight sun due to open in two days. They also have 120cm (four feet) at the moment.

Scandinavia has seen more snow, if not so much as previous weeks. There’s been some new snow in Sweden with Åmål and Ramundberget ski areas both receiving 15cm (six inches) and the leading resort Åre 11cm (four inches).
The country’s greatest snow depth is in Tänndalen with 120cm (four feet). But this will soon change since  So great skiing conditions all over the country and more snow is expected in the middle of Sweden on Friday.

By Patrick Thorne
Published: 17.02.10

Courtesy of skiinfo.co.uk

Up To A Metre Of New Snow In Scandinavia

Ski conditions in Norway are great right now with constant low temperatures and big falls of snow at most resorts. This week 50 ski resorts have had some fresh snow, with resorts in the west of the country like Strandafjellet and Stordal reporting a full metre of snow in the past seven days.

Over to the east in Sweden all ski resorts are now open an most of them have at least 80% of their slopes and lifts open. According to Skiinfo’s Snowfinder service, more snow is coming the next four days.
It has been snowing in large parts of the country the past seven days with Nalovardo getting the most with 23cm (9.5 inches), Hassela 20cm, Bjursås and the largest, Åre 16cm.
Temperatures have dipped as low as -20C in recent days in the north of the country and it remains below freezing in the south too. More snow is expected through the rest of today and Thursday, especially in the south, where forecasts say up to 20cm will fall. So skiing in Sweden is also in great condition all over the country at present.
By Patrick Thorne
Published: 10.02.10
Courtesy of skiinfo.co.uk