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Skiing UK?

Let’s face it, the UK isn’t particularly renowned as a mecca for skiers the world over.

While some may rave over the skiing supplied by the scottish resorts, it’s surely rare that the combination of perfect snow and glorious sunshine is achieved. More likely to find freezing temperatures and horizontal sleet in my experience.

Having said that, the current cold weather seems to have given most of us in the UK the chance to ski on our own doorstep, with normal gentle green slopes becoming ideal learning or training slopes.

Don’t have any skis? I reckon you should check out eBay. There are scores of skis on there, quite a few with very little use and most used pairs going for very reasonable prices – and no, I don’t currently have any skis for sale on there or I’d have a link to them from here..!!  🙂

If you can find a cheap set of skis and collect from someone living close to you (and you’re not too bothered about having last years styles or colours) then a set of skis from eBay could well get you out and about this time next week.

And just think of all the exercise you’ll get trudging up the hills, that should get you ready for those long alpine runs later in the season.

Embrace the cold and snow and happy skiing!