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France Snow Report

It has snowed a lot on the French mountains throughout the past week, with the heaviest snow leading up to the weekend. The snow is continuing today and is expected to continue for the next few days. Up to 60cm (2 feet) has been reported over the last week with resorts like Meribel, La Plagne and le Grand Bornand all reporting big falls.

The Vosges region, one of the lower mountain area for ski resorts in the country has received a particularly notable covering of up to 50cm (20 inches) at 1,200m. At Gerardmer, one of the region’s leading ski areas, Fabrice Clair, manager of the resort, told Skiinfo,
“It has snowed more than 50cm on one day, greatly increased the snow depth which had been very thin at the beginning of winter. It’s now 1.2m (4 feet) in place thanks to artificial snow, but there is an average layer of natural snow from 50 to 60cm over the entire ski area.”
Across France as a whole Chamonix Mont-Blanc has the top snow depth of 4m (13.3 feet) with Oz en oisans and Vaujany below Alpe d’Huez at 3.2m (10.6 feet), Flaimne and La Clusaz have 2.9m
By Virginie Bernat
Published: 10.02.10
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French Farce

I’m sure I’m not the only who sometimes swans down the mountain side, cool as a cucumber and feeling on top of the world!

I was in one of these moods on a skiing trip with my brother to Val d’Isere some time ago. Now I’ve never professed to be a good skier, but I’d bought a pretty funky one-piece outfit (yeah, they were fashionable once..) in blue, red and white – not realising that it was the chosen colour at the time of the French ski instructors..

I was quite happily grooving down one of the ski runs around the wooded side of the mountain, obviously a road in summer, with a steep slope up to the right, and a drop-off to the left, carving (politely) through the ski-schools that were meandering down the slope, when I caught an edge…

Strange how such a small expression can have such large results! I was unfortunately towards the drop-off on the left when it happened, and spun round, sailing off backwards into the scenery! I hit a fir tree about 15′ off the ground before dropping like a stone into 4′ of powder at it’s base..

Within about 20 seconds of disappearing from the slope, the nearest ski instructor had jumped down beside me the check that I was OK. Nothing broken and my skis were still intact, so I crawled up out of the woods and brushed myself down.

To say that I was a little embarressed would be an understatement and i expected the ski-school to burst into a spontaneous round of applause just to round things off – but they were either far too polite of concerned.

My brother? Well he had been in front of me and his biggest regret of the holiday was that he missed me disappearing off into the trees. I wish it was on video – I’m sure it would be worth a fortune on ‘You’ve Been Framed’!