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Snow Report: Philip Glass on Writing Music

Rating: 4
Complete video at: Celebrated composer Philip Glass describes his approach to writing music as watching buildings slowly emerge from “a foggy field,” and claims to have an ironically poor musical ear. —– Director Scott Hicks discusses his recent bio-doc, Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts, with its subject, the fascinating and entertaining composer Philip Glass. – Australian Broadcasting Corporation Philip Glass is a famed American composer of operas, symphonies and music scores, including Einstein on the Beach and Koyaanisqatsi. Scott Hicks is an Oscar-winning director of Shine, as well as Snow Falling on Cedars and No Reservations.

Snow Report: Sailing

Rating: 4 Collection of funny moments in sailing. All filmed in last few years at practice and international regattas. Snow was in Athens, February 2004, with -18 degrees temperature. Celebration is filmed after winning 420 Europeans by Croatian team I was coaching, Matija Longin and Pavle Kostov.