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More Snow In Madrid And Spanish Ski Areas Reach 4m Snow Depth

In Spain it’s snowing again in Madrid and the novelty of that is wearing off after multiple snowfalls in the Spanish capital. It’s good news for skiers wanting to visit the nearby ski hills too and has increased business at the city’s indoor snow centre as people think more about winter sports. More snowfall is expected through the remainder of the week in Spanish ski resorts.

The resort of Panticosa celebrates its 40 anniversary this weekend. The medium sized ski resort was created around thermal baths and contains some beautiful buildings from the nineteenth century.
Sierra Nevada to the south is now reporting up to four metres (13.3 feet) of snow on its upper slopes (the deepest snow in Spain and close to the deepest in the world) and has 99 km of runs open. The weather conditions have meant a dramatic increase in the avalanche risk in Sierra Nevada making off piste skiing especially dangerous.
In the Pyrenees Baqueira just inaugurated a new snowpark for boarder and skier fun, it has up to 195cm (6.5 feet) of snow and 110 km of piste open. Formigal has the most piste open in the country, with 136km and snow depth up to 220cm (7.6 feet). Most other ski areas have between 1.5 and 2.2m (5-7.3 feet) of snow lying

By Raúl Revuelta Carbajo
Published: 17.02.10

Courtesy of skiinfo.co.uk

Pyrenees Get Plenty of Powder

Both sides of the Pyrenees are seeing lots of snow, and that goes for Spain and Andorra as well as France – where resorts have received up a metre of snow in 48 hours.

The top Spanish ski resorts have reported powder conditions with snow depths of up to 225cm (7.5 feet) on their side of the mountain range. The country’s two largest resorts Baqueira (120-185cm) and Formigal (105-220cm) have 110-124km of piste open respectively.
Elsewhere in Spain there’s up to three metres (10 feet) at Sierra Nevada.
Pirena 2010 Grand Prix Affinity Advance will finish next Saturday in the ski resort of La Molina. The 20th edition of Pirena, the white route of the Pyrenees, started last January 23 with the official Presentation of the teams in Zaragoza. Pirena is an international sleddog crossing-race and one of the most outstanding in the world. During 15 days men and dogs cross the Pyrenees, a natural border between Spain, Andorra and France, from West to East (Itinerary). Pirena 2010- Grand Prix Affinity Advance is one of the races that count for the International Sled dog Sports Federation -IFSS- World Cup. Pirena also counts for the European Sled dog Racing Association -ESDRA- Europe Cup.
By Patrick Thorne
Published: 10.02.10
Courtesy of skiinfo.co.uk

Spanish Snow Park

By Raúl Revuelta Carbajo Ph. D.
Published: 27.01.10
Located in the resort’s Basibé area, the new park contains 18 elements. There are rail boxes, big jumps, pole jam, a wall ride spine, fun box, boxes line, transfer, wood park, step up and a quarter pipe.
The total length of the park is 2.5km making it will the biggest Snowpark in Spain.
Although there has been little new snow this week, cold weather has helped Spanish ski resorts to maintain and improve conditions on the slopes and Cerler has some of the deepest snow in the country with 175cm (nearly 6 feet) on upper slopes.
Typically resorts have 30-105cm (1-3.5 feet) at the base of their runs and 150-210cm (5-7 feet) on upper slopes. However Sierra Nevada in the south reports the greatest snow depth of three metres (ten feet) at the top and Formigal has the most terrain open with 136km (80 miles) of runs.
More snow is expected tomorrow.
(Report courtesy of skiinfo.co.uk)