Troon – Larne

Troon – Larne

Cruise P&O’s unbeatable Irish Sea crossings between Larne and Troon or Cairnryan. No one does it better or faster. It’s the shortest, fastest way – to be sure.

The P&O Express fastcraft only takes an hour to speed you across the sea between Larne and Cairnryan. Or if you prefer a more leisurely cruise, their Superferries will glide you over in only 2 hours. That gives you lots of time to visit all your favourite places.

Their 2 hour Troon-Larne service operates between March and October, and with Troon only 35 minutes from Glasgow and Edinburgh not much further, whether you take the high road or the low road you can be certain to be at your destination, ‘afore the rest’!

With no airport queues or baggage restrictions, why would you want to travel any other way? It’s so simple. Just drive on and enjoy yourself while we take you across the Irish Sea.

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